Why you should choose RGS Labels for your Tactile Warning Labels?

RGS Labels offer two compliant self adhesive label solutions and guarantee the readability of your label will not be compromised by the product warning labels we supply. In fact; we can even enhance your artwork with an integrated tactile label without any changes to the design of your product label.

Tactile Warning Labels Need to be BS/ISO11683 compliant.

RGS Labels supply Clear Tactile Warning Triangle Labels from stock
Rolls of clear Tactile Triangle Labels are available from stock in 2 sizes, either a 9mm or 18mm sided triangle and can be used for automatic or manual application. The raised triangles are supplied on a clear circular label which is applied over the printed label. Transparency means there is little danger of obscuring text or printed warning symbols.

A black line sensor mark is printed onto the backing paper of the labels to ensure good label sitting for machine application.

Integrated tactile labels
Integrated Tactile Warning Labels are available to order. An integrated label involves the raised triangle being screen printed onto your product label as a single process immediately after the label has been professionally printed.

Choosing between Clear and Integrated Tactile Warning Labels
Your best option will depend upon a number of factors such as the volume of product handled and the diversity of your product range:

Clear Tactile Warning Triangle Labels
Applying the raised triangle labels on existing packaging is simple and cost effective. A label redesign is not required and the raised triangle labels are available from stock. Although the result, whilst compliant, could have a negative impact on the way your label looks and will require an additional process as the triangle labels have to be applied separately.

Integrated Tactile Warning Labels
The Integrated Triangle Warning Labels are compliant with legislation and are more aesthetically pleasing, with an attractive look and feel which can actually enhance your product. The integration of the raised triangle into the product label removes the requirement for a separate application process, saving time.

RGS Labels supply Tactile Warning Triangle Labels to many clients . For samples or a price please contact [email protected] and we’ll get back to you right away.