Personalised Plain Self Adhesive White Labels

There’s nothing plain about plain white labels.

In fact, we can supply any size or shape, rolls, sheets and fan folded self-adhesive labels in a massive range of materials, and a vast array of finishes.

Whatever your needs, we are always happy to discuss personalised solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Here at RGS Labels we can offer you a range of self-adhesive labels:

  • Range of sizes: standard or bespoke sizes and shapes
  • Choice of rolls or sheets: supplied as sheet labels or on rolls
  • Choice of materials: select from a range of materials for different purposes
  • Choice of label finishes: durable finishes to withstand different moisture, heat and temperature conditions
  • Compliance: labels compliant to the requirements of different industry sectors e.g. healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Finishing: White labels cut, perforated and slit, hot foil blocked, laminated, sprocket punched and sheeted all in one process
  • Range of applications: labels suitable for processing on digital, direct thermal printers, thermal transfer printers, laser printers and dot matrix printers

Direct thermal labels

When you don’t need a lifelong label solution, our direct thermal labels are ideal.

Direct thermal labels are perfect for warehouse picking, shipping, receipts, patient and visitor ID, coupons and event tickets.

Our wide range comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. The white labels can be supplied on rolls or fan-folded and for extra protection or durability, we can use top-coated material to prolong and enhance the print.

Thermal transfer labels for long-term use

The thermal transfer process ensures the personalised labels are long lasting and whatever is printed on the label will not fade.

Our thermal transfer labels are supplied ready-to-use, in rolls or fan-folded boxes of plain labels. We offer personalised, pre-printed, self-adhesive labels or plain for use with your own thermal transfer printer.

Direct thermal labels or thermal transfer labels?

Direct thermal labels

  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • No ribbons, toner cartridges or drums!
  • Uses thermo-sensitive paper that turns black when heat is applied from the printer

Thermal Transfer Labels

  • Use ribbons that are heated up by the printer head
  • Ink is transferred to the thermal label, sticking like glue
  • Long-lasting
  • Will not fade

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