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When dealing with products which have gone through the supply chain, it is important that the safety aspect is dealt with in a clear and informative manner so that customers can be confident that the items inside have not been opened or tampered with. As a specialist label printing manufacturer, we provide a printable tamper proof evident sticker & label service, which is most commonly used within the pharmaceutical industry.

Since February 2019, the use of tamper proof & evident stickers on any medical, pharmaceutical and prescription box to be sold within the EU is a requirement. This is a provision of the EU Directive 2011/62/EU and is further supplemented by the delegated regulation (EU) 2016/161/EU. It means in simple terms that the box must have a seal which will serve as proof of authenticity and be placed permanently by the tuck-in flap to the body of the box.

Our printable tamper evident labels & stickers can blend seamlessly into the design of the box and we can offer different effects which can be used to show whether it has been tampered with or not. This includes a cardboard tear functionality, and a fragile splitting, void or breaking effect; therefore, making it very clear if the package has been opened previously.

Located from our manufacturing facility within Cambridgeshire, our expertise team can collaborate with you to create custom label solutions which will meet your specific requirements, and we will go through every step with you along the way. Founded back in 1995, RGS Labels are very experienced with manufacturing labels & stickers for companies within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

RGS are constantly reviewing how we can reduce our environmental impact, and this includes:

  • Using lightweight label backing paper to reduce the energy needed for transportation of materials
  • Using more practical recycling materials for packing and label designs
  • Matching label materials to packing materials so that each product is easier to recyclable

For further information about printable tamper evident labels, please look at our blog post found here or get in touch for more information.

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